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Hemmer Engineering Corporation Servo Design

Software Sales and Contract Engineering


††††††† Contact & Support:

†††††††† Address:

†††††††† Hemmer Engineering Corp.

†††††††† 740 N. Riverside Drive

†††††††† Crownsville, MD 21032

††††††† Email:†††

††††††† HemmerServo@Verizon.net

†††† †††

††††††† Phone:410-923-3486

†††††††††Electronic transfer: This works fine if

††††††††††† you have wide band internet service

††††††††††† where download speed is about 5 Mbps or

††††††††††† greater.


†††††††††††††† Please click Auxiliaries.zip to download

†††††††††† the userís manual. This contains several

††††††††††† worked out examples and provides an

††††††††††† excellent overview ofthe programs.

†††††† Its size is 14.9 MB and it requires 3

††††††††††† minutes to downloadat a speed of 5 Mbps.

†† ††††††††††††This folder also contains the Input Files

†††††††††† folder, the Output Files folder, the

†††††††††† License Agreement file, and the Print &

†††††††††† Read Me file. Note the location of the

††††††††† downloaded zip folder in your computer.


††††††††††††††† Please click Print&ReadMe , then

††††††††††† Print a hard copy to use for instructions

††††††††††† after down-loading folders, then return

††††††††††† to this Contact page.


†††††††††††††† Please click VissimViewer.zip to

†††††††††† download the Vissim Viewer simulation

†††††††††† software. Its size is 3.2 MB. Note the

††††††††† location of the downloaded zip folder

†††††††† in your computer.


†††††††† Note: We also provide servo

†††††††† design services. Contact us to

†††††††† negotiate a contract.



†††† Note: The excavator shown above is an example of

†††† a machine that employshydrostatic transmissions &

†††† hydraulic servomechanisms.


††††††††††††† Please click Visitor, then fill out the contact

†††††††† information and submit it to receive a URL with

†††††††† downloadinstructions for a free demo.


††††††††††††† Please click Plotting.zip to download the

††††††††† plotting files. Its size is 28.8 MB andit

††††††††† requires 5.6 minutes to download at a speed of 5 Mbps.

††††††††† Note the location of the downloaded zip folder in your

††††††††† computer.


††† One remaining folder to be downloaded is the Hemmer.zip folder

††† which contains the software. Its size is 25.8 MB and itrequires

††† 5.16 minutes to downloadat a speed of 5 Mbps. It available after

††† submitting contact information on the above Visitor page.

††† The total time required for all downloads is 13.9 min. at 5 Mbps.


††† Compact disk transfer: This is recommended if your download

††† speed is low as in dial-up service. A free CD with all the necessary

††† information will be mailed to you at your request from the Hemmer

††† Engineering Corp.


†††† Please clickRobot Video.WMVto see a video of a robot

†††† with two servos designed using the Hemmer Servo Design

†††† Software. The motion is shown during the first minute

†††† and the final 2 minutes of the 10 minute presentation. It is

†††† recommended that you raise your volume to maximum.

†††† See Chapter 17 of the userís manual for the design procedure

†† ††for the Elevation Servo