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Hemmer Servo Design Software:? Sales and Contracting

? ??????????????/span>An?Analytical? Approach?to?Design




Drive Train

Transfer Functions


Frequency Response


Transient Response

Steady State Errors


Hydrostatic Transmissions






Routhís Stability Criterion

Automatic Control of Position, Velocity, Force, or Tension


?????????For Electric or Hydraulic Drives


??????????Design servos  faster at lower engineering cost and  with superior performance.


?? ???????????????????????????/span>Note: The fighter plane shown above is an example of a machine

??????????????????????????????????that employs high performance servomechanisms.


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?? Please click?Robot Video.WMV?to see a video of a robot with two servos designed using the Hemmer Servo Design

?? Software. The motion is shown during the first minute and the final 2 minutes of the 10 minute presentation. It is

?? recommended that you raise your volume to maximum. See Chapter 17 of the userís manual for the design procedure

?? for the Elevation Servo